6 Mar 2017

At the core of Vanderbilt’s technology is a heightened exchange of information and elevated situational knowledge ingrained in the end users and integrators that use and sell our products. This expertise enables users to know their security products and systems inside and out to achieve and maintain a safe and secure environment. But once a system has been deployed, its effectiveness reaches far beyond the initial installment. To fully maximize the potential that these security systems hold, a degree of continuing education is not only helpful, but necessary. Approaching training and development from a holistic perspective strengthens security processes as well as improves relationships between integrators, manufacturers, and customers.

Manufacturer’s Training
A truly successful implementation of services involves not just finding solutions but effectively managing them. A product will never be beneficial if its value is not fully realized. For this reason, manufacturers readily offer as much training and support as possible to provide a seamless product transition. Additional one-on-one training, continuing education courses, and webinars are a few added support techniques that enhance the integrator and customer experience.

Integrator Support
There must be support available at all levels to achieve the highest quality of service. A collaborative approach to service has a successful trickle-down effect from the manufacturer to the integrator and to the customer. By providing inclusive technical and sales support at every step of the process, there is a constructive exchange of information.

Customer Fulfillment
Vanderbilt’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. When a client invests their trust and money into a product, they want to see a tangible return on investment. By offering thorough technology education directly to the end user from the start of installation and service, a higher success rate can be achieved. Maintenance contracts and onsite training also increase comfort of use for customers and ensures continuing customer loyalty.

Configuring customizable security solutions can be a daunting process despite the clear advantages. Change is not always easy and Vanderbilt has found that education is key. By providing a comprehensive calendar of ongoing training opportunities offering tips, technical training and software administrator training, they are able to maximize resources and strengthen the partnership between manufacturers, integrators and customers.