31 May 2022

Editorial: Surge for security solutions in Sweden as pandemic recedes

The security industry in Sweden is thriving, with installers in short supply to meet the overwhelming demand of the market at present.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the world paused. However, in Sweden, as 2020 progressed, life gradually began to grind back into a somewhat normal glimpse of reality. Naturally, though, some government restrictions were in place, which caused many businesses to remain slow. While this did not directly affect the security market, it was indirectly affected by its impact on the businesses that were.

For example, if you didn't go to dinner at a restaurant due to COVID-19, that restaurant didn't have the money to upgrade its alarm system. Therefore ACRE's customers did not get the job, and we didn't get to sell our products. But now, after some time of acclimatization and restrictions, we see the security market grow yet again.

Growth Areas

One such area of this recent growth is integration. When we partner up and integrate our security systems, we can create the best of two (or more) worlds! A rising interest in cloud services is also steadily emerging, with the consumer doubts surrounding this technology slowly fading away. This is an excellent boost to the industry since the cloud gives both installer and end-user many more possibilities.

Another area that is quickly finding an enthusiastic audience is smartphones as an access control card alongside Bluetooth technology. This development has been a natural evolution parallel to societal trends. Nowadays, a mobile phone is never far from our hands. Thus, it makes sense to use them for more than just a phone call or text message! 

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At ACRE, we're growing in all sectors, but we're witnessing an increased security demand for infrastructure. Information is the most valuable asset that companies have today. They need a way to secure it, both physically and virtually.


Of course, the global events raining on us over the last couple of years have made us all think differently. Also, with the rapid pace that technology is developing, we need to protect our solutions from threats and hackers, both in a virtual environment such as our software, servers, and switches, and in a physical way with cloning access control cards.

In this sense, the security market in Sweden is setting very high demands and standards. For instance, it's widespread to demand a fully integrated security system (like Omnis) due to the expectations of features and capability of a security system. It has been this way for a long time, even before I started working in the security industry. The standards keep getting higher and higher, which only strengthens the industry through the trust delivered to the customers.

ACRE Solutions

Omnis and SPC both have a big piece of the pie here in Sweden. Both are well-known systems that are historically installed by many installers. Of course, they have earned their reputation as very well-working systems that give both the installer and the end-user a top-of-the-line solution.

In terms of developing new ground for ACRE in Sweden, we're starting to see ACTpro taking some ground here lately. ACTpro is an excellent option to replace Entro as an easy-to-use access control system, coupled with the fact that it can integrate with SPC. I believe ACTpro ticks many boxes that both end-users and installers desire.

This makes it possible for us to position ACTpro in a very crowded market attractively.

Project Sales Manager - Nordics.