6 Jul 2021

SPC’s popularity continues to soar from reliability experienced by customers

Two years into his role as Senior Product Manager for SPC, Alexander Scheffold reflects on the award-winning intrusion alarm system's journey since its original conception.

As Scheffold lists off some of his favorite features that SPC has firmly established – approvals for all markets, patented FlexC transmission protocol, a cloud-based management interface, VR series card reader interface, a secure and flexible API for integrations with third parties such as Genetec, Milestone and Lenel, to name a few – it is clear that SPC has become a flagship symbol of the Vanderbilt brand, back boning the company’s core values of forward-thinking, customer-first, and empowerment.

To Scheffold, in light of recent high-profile cybersecurity attacks, including last month’s attack on the Irish healthcare system which reduced the country’s doctors and nurses to working from paper and pen, Vanderbilt’s SaaS SPC Connect with its FlexC communications protocol support are features of particular importance. For instance, earlier in the year a GTS Specialist at Vanderbilt’s sister company, ComNet, warned that the cybersecurity gap is growing in general. But, developed over five years ago, FlexC heavily encrypts communications between SPC panels and the SPC Connect cloud greatly reducing the system’s risk to cyber vulnerabilities.

“FlexC was built from the ground up solely with cybersecurity in mind,” Scheffold says. “It is a multipath, multi-redundant, highly encrypted communications protocol that allows secure monitoring and control of IP communication paths.

“The protocol is a bespoke design that ensures everything is encrypted, all communications are monitored, and multiple types of attack are considered for defensive purposes to provide the best security possible.”

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And it’s not just SPC’s own Product Manager that is banging the drum on the depth of this intrusion solution. SPC has long been a hit with Vanderbilt’s broad customer base.

“In one word, I would describe SPC as powerful,” says Peter Lock, a Technician at Francofa Eurodis. “I love the technical possibilities that the product allows. It has benefitted me most through its reliability.”

Jens Kristian Hornstrup, who is a Chief Engineer at FD Alarmer A/S, expresses similar happiness with Vanderbilt’s premier intrusion alarm system. “SPC is reliable, easy to mount, and program. My favorite feature is the web browser programming because there is no special cable and software. The main benefits I have experienced using SPC are the remote maintenance and the system’s large range of equipment,” he says.

Scheffold notes that since the pandemic, there has been a notable increase in requests for more remote control and monitoring tools, as well as a bump in customers accessing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, like SPC’s cloud-based solution, SPC Connect.

“We’ve had a cloud service for almost five years, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen SaaS numbers jump by almost 100% in the first months of the pandemic.. There was always a high demand for these kinds of solutions. Still, especially as people now understand that COVID-19 is a game-changer, everyone is thinking about new ways to generate revenue, offer and sell new services. 

SPC in Action

Working from home or remote locations became an essential part of our working culture, so “From a customer’s point of view, now everything needs to be faster, accessible from anywhere in the world and of course secure against cyber attacks. And this is where SPC has shown great value to our base,” says Scheffold. His view is replicated in several conversations with customers of SPC.

“SPC is a practical, reliable, and a complete solution,” begins Germain Yohann, Purchasing, and logistics manager at AB Sécurité. “SPC’s best features are the ability to remotely access the system for emergency management, as well as its access control compatibility with a large number of readers. The remote access feature has undoubtedly helped us solve a lot of problems. I would highly recommend SPC. It is easy to use.”

Similarly, Franz Sturm, the CEO of proSec Sicherheitstechnik in Austria, states his belief that SPC is the “perfect security system” and that the system’s “app has perfect functionality with remote access for remote maintenance.”

However, perhaps the highest and most straightforward praise for SPC comes from Peter Kullin, CEO of Allsec Protect AB. In calling to mind why SPC best strikes a chord with his company, Kullin puts it simply: “The main benefit I have found as an installer using SPC is having satisfied customers.”

At the end of the day, what better reason can there be to use SPC than that?

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David Prendergast is the Content Creation Manager at Vanderbilt International.