26 Nov 2020

SPC Wireless: "A Fantastic Product Range"

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices are a cost-effective and reliable intruder alarm range.

The range is a two-way wireless technology that delivers ease of installation without compromising on the reliability of a wired system.

Easy to mount, pair, and configure, Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices consistently receives high-praise from its customer base.

Read our customer reviews below:

"SPC Wireless is a fantastic product range. It is easy to configure and easy to install. My favourite feature is adding devices is so easy. SPC Wireless is easy to install, has a stylish design, and is a steady product."
  • Dave Arys, General Manager, Waasland Security.
"I would describe SPC Wireless as easy to use. My favourite feature is it is nice and easy to use. The main benefit I have experienced using SPC Wireless is it is an easy way to expand the installation to areas where it is not possible to wire."
  • Mikkel Bærentzen, Security Technician, Bravida Denmark.
"I would describe SPC Wireless as more secure. In my opinion, wireless intrusion devices are more effective. The main benefit I got from working with SPC Wireless is how fast they are to install. I would highly recommend using SPC Wireless devices as they are very easy to use."
  • Omer Abdalla, IEC Engineering.
"In a word, SPC Wireless is flexible. My favourite feature is the Wireless Siren. The main benefit I get from using SPC Wireless is not having to use cables. I would recommend SPC Wireless because it is very easy to use."
  • Morten Riisgaard, Technical Support, Elsec A/S.

SPC Wireless: Discreet in design, tasteful by nature