21 Jan 2019

Word from the front: SPC leading the charge for Vanderbilt

SPC is one of Vanderbilt’s flagship products. And recent customer feedback gathered in late 2018, points the way that the intrusion detection solution is growing from strength to strength in meeting customer demand.

95.7% of SPC users rated the system between good and excellent. 93.2% rate the update process between good and excellent. And 88.5% rated the support information between good and excellent.

Following several other field surveys, other benefits and insights that the system provided to its installer based were unearthed. 

SPC: Flexible & Trustworthy

Olaf van Wissen, CEO of SafetyCom B.V., summed up his experience with the intrusion system: “In one or more words, SPC is flexible and trustworthy. My favorite features are the web portal and the integrated, enhanced control. I use SPC because its flexible structure requires less installation time.”

Weighing in on SPC Connect, the cloud-based solution designed for monitoring, managing, and maintaining SPC panels remotely, Rikard Svensson of Elinstallationer I Karlshamn AB Sweden, stated: “SPC Connect is the best online application for installers and customers that I have used. The reason being is Connect’s automatic backup from panels, the app is very fast, and the ability to connect with the Eventys NVR. Overall, its main benefit is the fast and easy setup and programming involved. It is very easy to use.” 

SPC Connect continues to rack up impressive numbers

Support from Distance

Any further fuel to the strong words on SPC Connect’s benefits, Dave Arys, General Manager at Waasland Security summarized: “We have almost 20 years’ experience with installing intrusion panels, so we are aware of the products that are on the market.

“As we are a small company, it is very important for us to be able to deliver support from distance. With SPC Connect, the ability to be able to access our panels, to change users, to check configurations, to upgrade firmware, and to be able to restore to previous configurations was just what we were looking for. Thanks to Vanderbilt, we now have a product that not only meets the end user’s requirements, but also the requirements of the installer.”