17 Jul 2017

SPC & KNXlogic: A combination that delivers convenience and safety

In today’s technologically driven culture of consumer demand, the integration of products is a massive trump card for company’s looking to whet the appetite of potential customers.

Vanderbilt have long been at the coalface in this regard with SPC, the company’s flagship intrusion detection system, integrating with KNXlogic’s KNX, Modbus, and BACnet gateways.

The integration of SPC with KNXlogic’s chief products means that combining convenience and safety has never been easier. For instance, the blending of SPC into the KNX environment allows the end user to carry out all functions in one protocol. KNX is a bidirectional gateway that can host SPC features such as event calls, arming and disarming, and retrieving status.

Explaining the benefits of integrating SPC with KNX, which is one of the world’s leading smart home protocols, Christof de Backere of KNX explains: “When you import SPC into the KNX environment, it records all of what goes on in the closed world of SPC. It creates a controlled channel between the SPC enclosed environment and between KNX.

“From a technical point of view, it is a straightforward integration. We utilize an EDP connection as used to a monitoring center and then simply set up a secure EDP connection between the SPC panel and the gateway. From there on in, everything is read, everything is shared, and everything is managed,” de Backere notes.

The integration of SPC and KNX is the perfect solution for house and building owners as you can effectively use one system to manage your essential day-to-day activities. The collaboration also means you can automate your daily checklist. For example, you can make one visual map that shows lighting, heating, and your intrusion system. More importantly, you can automate everything.

De Backere continues: “When you are leaving your house, you might have to make sure that the heating and lights are turned off and that your intrusion system is activated. With SPC and KNX, when you leave the building and arm your SPC intrusion panel, the system is notified that because the building is armed, no one is home. It then automatically knows that it can turn off the lights, and put the heating to standby mode.

“Essentially the systems can talk to each other. Everything happens automatically in the background. Additional technology does not become an additional burden to think of; you can leave the house with peace of mind that your home is secure and safe,” he finishes.