9 Jan 2019

SPC: New year, a new beginning

We all start a new year with the best intentions for our personal lives, but what about our business or professional improvement? 

Well, as 2019 kicks-off, Vanderbilt would like to share some advice on how to get the most from award-winning SPC intruder detection system. Hopefully, this information will make you happier, more informed, and ultimately improve your business.


We never stop learning, and Vanderbilt provides a wide range of resource material to help you do more with your SPC intruder detection system. For instance, there are over 100 videos on the Vanderbilt YouTube channel that cover a multitude of topics and provide guidance and advice. Keep up to date with our latest videos by subscribing to our channel. 


SPC Connect is a cloud-based server for SPC that provides a connected solution for your customers. The system enables you to alter configuration, setup users, and get your customers started on the SPC Connect mobile app. Register as an installer and create a company account today on SPC Connect to get started. Using the user setup features you will be able to quickly setup users on SPC and provide quick and easy access to SPC cloud solutions. These include verification, push, and remote control of their system.


Vanderbilt are continuously improving our systems and moving tools such as SPC Connect Pro to modern platforms. With the release of SPC 3.9.1, you can now make use of the improved wireless system for SPC. We always aim to provide the latest information to you so to catch up with the latest news and improvements, please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on our social media platforms.


Having better communication is a goal we all share. Having better information available to your organization and customers is key to successful delivery of any solution. Last year, Vanderbilt launched a new communication within SPC Connect that will allow security companies to communicate with their customers via the mobile app, push, and email. Using the service, you can create custom messages that will be sent directly to the customer’s app and link back to your site. It is a simple way to deliver your message to your customer. Learn more about these customer notifications within SPC Connect.