5 Feb 2020

Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect 3.0 focuses on greater visibility for installers

Vanderbilt, a global provider of state-of-the-art security systems, has released the latest version of SPC Connect, the remotely managed, cloud-based, intrusion detection solution.

This latest version, 3.0, includes an entirely reworked user interface and focuses on more intuitive user operations.

“With this release, we believe that the evolution of SPC Connect has reached a new level,” says Alexander Scheffold, Product Manager at Vanderbilt. “One of Vanderbilt’s targets is to provide state-of-the-art intrusion systems to our customers with a wide range of advantages. In our view, SPC Connect 3.0 ticks all of these boxes.”

Through this release, collected information is now visible to the installer and enables them to have an overview of the installed SPC systems out in the field. A new centralized operations menu allows the installer to more intuitively navigate a specific operation much quicker.

“SPC Connect 3.0 has a completely reworked user interface that allows installers to get a faster overview of the installed SPC base,” explains Ross Wilks, Head of Vanderbilt’s Marketing Communications. “Through our research, we have learned from our customer-base that greater visibility of their installed SPC systems is a priority for them. So now, with this new release, typical questions that installers might ask themselves – such as, which SPC firmware versions do my customers have? Where can I find a specific operation? Or where can I find the latest maintenance report from a specific panel? - are now only two or three clicks away.”

This greater visibility for installers includes an intuitive operations menu with all available operations on different levels, such as site level, multi-site level, and company administrator level. 

“This release was designed to be a customer-first experience,” states Scheffold. “The dashboard now contains interactive widgets that allows installers to create customized views, so for example, now you can quickly and clearly see the information you personally want most to execute your daily needs more efficiently.”

Scheffold summarizes: “In addition, SPC Connect 3.0 comes with a new installer manual. This approach means the existing static, manual approach will be enhanced with an embedded FAQ functionality. This will allow the installer to find an explanation for a feature, or how to perform a specific action much quicker.”

SPC Connect 3.0 launched on 31 January 2020.