26 Apr 2022

Price Becoming Critical Factor in Competitive Turkish Market

The security market in Turkey is still very much growing. However, the sudden increase in exchange rates, the rise of inflation, and the availablity of critical materials have naturally affected the security market in recent months. In some cases, we’re seeing examples of 50% inflation.

Naturally, a reduction in the number of available projects makes competition more challenging. We’re also experiencing a fluctuation of new manufacturers into the Turkish market. Price plays a key role in the Turkish market, especially now given current global events. That said, ACRE products are perceived as very high-end and reliable, particularly our ComNet industrial network switches.

Although the number of projects available to compete for as decreased, due to a strong performance in 2021, we have several big projects underway this year. These are in finance centers, central banks, and government-backed city hospitals. At the moment, banking, industrial, retail and health are the most popular sectors in Turkey’s security market. In fact, the government is currently investing in building multiple hospitals right now. 

Like our Products?

I see many trends quickly taking hold in Turkey. For instance, electronic security systems, including IP video surveillance and fire safety systems, are really popular at present. Additionally, integration and communication between systems on API software is also becoming an essential part of every project for our customers. Most projects demand integration ability and bidirectional communication with umbrella management software like control center systems. In contrast, cloud-based solutions are not growing in Turkey to the level that would be expected. This is largely down to issues with GDPR.

At the moment, SPC and ACTpro are our two most popular products in Turkey, based on our ongoing and upcoming projects. We have recently been awarded five different projects with ACTpro, and these cover sectors like banking, construction, and leisure. We also have an upcoming project involving our DNA Fusion access control software. We also have a big retrofit project coming up with SPC, whereby it will be replacing our Sintony system across 17 stores. 

Area Sales Manager at ACRE International.