1 Apr 2019

Where We're Active: Frozen Food & Maritime Museums

The opening months of 2019 have been largely successful for Vanderbilt, bringing sweeping praise on numerous of our flagship products in intrusion detection and access control.

For instance, commenting on a recent installation of SPC at the Maritime Culture Center Gdańsk, Poland, Michał Drobczyński of the Center states: “Due to installing Vanderbilt’s SPC system, the museum is safe. The system meets our expectations in the field of security and thanks to their wireless equipment we can protect the exhibits in the temporary exhibition. Vanderbilt turned out to be a beneficial company in installing and programming the security system.”

The Maritime Culture Center (MCC) promotes information on maritime subjects comprehensively and interactively by employing multimedia techniques. The main attraction of MCC is a permanent interactive room called “People-Ships-Ports.” Another exhibition, “Boats of People of the World,” is a rich collection of boats, varying from an Eskimo kayak to a Venetian gondola. The MCC also organizes temporary exhibitions on favorite maritime topics – this is where Vanderbilt’s security solutions were particularly required.

SPC Solutions Provided

The Center needed an intrusion system with embedded access control for more than 400 alarm zones, 55 areas, and 25 doors. Vanderbilt SPC’s offered a reliable system that can be expanded to include a large number of alarm zones. Solutions currently provided on site by Vanderbilt include SPC6300 with 38 input expanders (SPCE652), 18 2‑door expanders (SPCA210), 13 keypads (SPCK420), and 5 RF-expanders (SPCW130).

Elsewhere, Ollie Law, Managing Director of Oliver Law Security Ltd oversaw the installation of ACT365 at Greenyard Frozen Ltd - a major blue chip, frozen food manufacturer. They required a true cloud-based access control system to replace their existing legacy on-premise solution.

Law states: “We chose ACT365 to specifically meet customer requirements for a true cloud-based Access Control System and App based Fire Mustering reporting. OLS are an approved ACT365 installer, and this is our go-to product for Access Control through the cloud.”

User-Friendly ACT365

With a focus on fire mustering, site security and door status monitoring, ACT365 was selected for its innovative features, and monitoring abilities for events such as door forced, door ajar, and reporting suite. The system also generates fire muster reports during an evacuation giving the fire marshals an instant list of personnel who are onsite via the sites dedicated tablet devices or smartphones. Vanderbilt’s intuitive software allows fobs to be easily added and removed by the system administrators. This gives the site flexibility with its intake and management of large capacity agency staff. Vanderbilt’s ACT365 means there is no need for an on-premise server.

Law describes ACT365 as “user-friendly,” further adding, “I like the cloud-based feature best because it is so easy to access. On top of that, Vanderbilt’s technical services are excellent, and questions are answered promptly and with expertise.”