8 Nov 2021

Sectech Sweden Review: Catching up with customers & Monitor award win

Vanderbilt and ComNet recently attended the Sectech Sweden event in Stockholm.

The event occurred between 27 – 28 October and allowed the Vanderbilt and ComNet team to showcase their in-depth product portfolio, particularly Omnis 7.1, Razberi Monitor, and ACT365.

Holger Muller, Project Sales Manager for Vanderbilt in Sweden, was delighted with how the two-day Sectech event unfolded. Muller stated that the event had a significant social edge following the COVID-19 pandemic, which had caused the 2020 show to be canceled.

“Most customers wanted to discuss delivery issues that the security industry as a whole is experiencing due to the supply chain disruptions wreaked by COVID-19. However, we learned from this in-person show that our customers were most certainly happy to see us again. Having the opportunity to catch up with our customers over two days was most welcome and the main highlight for us alongside Razberi Monitor winning the Detektor award,” says Muller.

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Monitor’s win in the Best Video Surveillance category at the Detektor International awards was naturally a crowning moment of the event for the Vanderbilt and ComNet team. Monitor is a software platform that provides a top-down view of the physical security network and ecosystem without IT resources. It monitors and manages all the system components for cybersecurity and system health and can be deployed from the cloud or on-premise.

However, despite Monitor’s standout win, all products on show by Vanderbilt and ComNet were visited with equal allure. Muller explains:

“Naturally, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to roll out new products and new features, and so this was a great event to demonstrate these add-ons to our longstanding dedicated customer base, as well as some potential new leads.

“Case-in-point here is Omnis 7.1, our most popular access control system in the Nordic market. Version 7.1 of Omnis was only recently released and contained multiple new improvements, notably support for Aperio AH30 Gen5 Hubs, and new Change History gives users better traceability over the changes occurring in the system over its lifecycle,” Muller concludes.

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