6 Jan 2017

Each year, SDM Magazine compiles the Industry Forecast Study, which examines the outlook as predicted by dealers and integrators.

"If the word “change” isn’t part of your business plan this year, you’d better rethink it. SDM’s 2017 Industry Forecast Study showed that two-thirds (67 percent) of participating security dealers and security integrators increased their total annual revenues in 2016, and their average increase was 16 percent — a sizeable, but not unreachable growth rate. Roughly one-third (32 percent) stayed flat. But one area in which bigger change was substantiated was in recurring monthly revenue (RMR) measured by the study. More than eight in 10 security dealers and security integrators (83 percent) said their RMR rose in 2016 — by as much as 64 percent on average."

As part of the survey, SDM asked how the industry would fare by 2020, and Vanderbilt President Mitchell Kane weighed in. Read the full article on the SDM Magazine website.