27 Jan 2020

What trends do you see dominating access control, intrusion detection, or integration during 2020?

With another new exciting year ahead of us, we sat down with some of our in-house experts at Vanderbilt to pick their brain on what lays on the horizon for the security industry in 2020. Here’s what they had to say. 

“2020 will see a further move towards the current trending topics of cloud access, Bluetooth credentials, facial recognition, and integrations,” says Andrew Fulton, Strategic Business Development Director at Vanderbilt. “There will be more concern on secure credentials and an accelerated move from low-security readers and communications to high-security readers and communications. OSDP readers and DESfire EV2 cards will continue to grow and the phone credential will become more commonly used, and the market will be more aware of the value of the ease of use both while gaining access and enrolling.”

Wireless locks will continue to grow with greater separation between offline low-security solutions to online more secure solutions. Cloud solutions will become more popular as the acceptance of subscription fees become more widely accepted. The real ongoing yearly costs of client-server solutions are becoming more easily recognized and the cloud license fees seem less imposing.
Andrew Fulton, Strategic Business Development Director, Vanderbilt.

Fulton also sees that the trend of facial readers is coming quickly to the market with remarkably good results at an even more affordable price point. People are less concerned about the use of their image than their finger and the associated hygiene issues of fingerprint readers. 

The continued growth of the cloud

Andreas Straubinger is the Region Manager for DACH at Vanderbilt. When it comes to intrusion, Straubinger sees that the acceptance of cloud solutions will increase more and more in 2020. At the exhibition show in Essen in September, Straubinger predicts that all well-known manufacturers will show a cloud solution in the area of intrusion with additional services that are possible with a cloud solution, for both installers and end customers, continuing to increase.

In access, the trend of recent years, and this will continue in 2020, is increasingly towards solutions with offline cylinders. In an object, approximately 60-80% of the doors are equipped with offline cylinders, and only a few exterior doors will be equipped with an online system. Especially in the DACH region, with very high hourly wages, this is an issue. Concerning the credentials, the topic of Bluetooth readers and mobile credentials will continue to increase in 2020. On this point, comfort is more preferred than security. Of course, the topic of cloud will also be a growing topic in the coming few years.
​Andreas Straubinger, Region Manager - DACH, Vanderbilt.

Straubinger concludes: “In integration, to be successful in the system business in the future, systems are required to communicate with each other as well as with higher-level management systems via "open" interfaces. This trend is not new but will continue to intensify over the next few years.”

Next month, we will be asking our in-house experts what they think about: Retail and Banking protection. Stay tuned!