11 Jan 2022

Respond to threats faster with SPC Connect

A key component of cloud-based intrusion solutions is that they allow users to respond to threats faster.

As technology evolves and changes the way people protect their premises, cloud-based intrusion solutions have become vital in helping customers respond to threats faster. Thanks to advanced functionality, SPC Connect is a critical aspect of helping installers and end-users answer issues and threats quickly and effectively.

At its most basic, SPC Connect gives installers access to remote maintenance reports, automatically stores configuration backup files, provides remote firmware upgrades, user management, a graphical map of sites, and much more. But the ramifications of these features on how an installer can now operate his business are huge.

”Through SPC Connect, users can access the full programming function of any SPC panel. They can perform operations and status checks instantly and remotely. This removes the physical need to visit a site. It delivers control to the installer, thus saving time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from the site. As technical queries can now be diagnosed and resolved on the go, it ultimately delivers more significant control over site security as well,” says Ian Hanlon, GS-T L3 Technical Team Coordinator at Vanderbilt.

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The SPC Connect app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play and provides users with an interface that contributes clearer arming and status information, enabling site issues to be dealt with efficiently, minimizing disruption as these can be addressed immediately and around the clock.

A critical development of SPC Connect by Vanderbilt is delivering push notifications and audio and video verification. These factors greatly enhance a user’s ability to protect their premises and respond to any alarms instantly.

“For instance,” Hanlon explains. ”With audio verification enabled, the system user can review pre and post recorded audio associated with any system alarm, all through our mobile app. Live verification can also be enabled so as to allow the end-user to view live images and be able to talk and listen live to site.”