30 Apr 2018

What’s new: Vanderbilt release Vectis iX with banking features

This latest version of Vectis iX specializes in banking features. This new product is ready for download from SPIAP. This product is a good alternative to Vanderbilt’s old SISTORE MX.

UVV Kassen Certification

Vanderbilt strives that its products meet the highest approval standards and Vectis iX is no different with UVV Kassen certification.

4 eyes principle (2 user login for playback)

Access to playback can be restricted by requiring two user logins. One of the users must be the 4-eye master in order to playback the video. This feature protects workers’ privacy rights as it ensures they cannot be secretly monitored by their co-workers or superiors in their working environment.

Picture comparison

A reference picture of an area within the bank (e.g. the ATM machine) can be created to compare against a live picture after a certain spell of time. This helps the bank ensure their environment has not been tampered with. A reminder can be set to regularly check this feature.

Integration of NPC II Converter from SHL Systems to receive and store transaction data from the ATM

Through the NPC II converter, Vectis has the ability to interface with ATMs. Transaction data can be stored and linked to one or more cameras. All transactions can be reviewed in alarm mode, showing the transaction and the associated video. In addition, specific information can be searched for such as amount, bank codes or bank accounts.

Track length limitation

Vectis has the ability for complete customization of recording lengths. This feature coincides with banking laws and demonstrates an effective level of flexibility within the product for banks.

Show/Hide live pictures when system is locked

Set the system to lock itself after a certain time to avoid unauthorized access. In addition, the whole screen can be blocked to cover all live pictures. This feature essentially provides another option to ensure sensitive data and privacy can be protected. Even if there is a breach after working hours, the wrong people cannot access the cameras.

Support H.265 decode and recording

Vectis is utilizing the latest Codec between camera and NVR. H.265 is the successor of H.264 and saves even more storage when recording. 

Overwriteprotection on alarm/event clips

With this feature you can mark certain cameras so that when an alarm is triggered and they automatically begin recording, those recordings are protected and cannot be overwritten. This provides peace of mind and flexibility for the bank when dealing with issues such as robberies and suspicious alarms, etc.

Support alarm notification to Mobile app (new option rule: “Send message to Mobile Client”)

Configure the Vectis iX to send messages to your mobile phone in case of an event or alarm. This push notification feature allows for around the clock updates and for action to be take in real-time should a situation arise.