13 Mar 2018

Vanderbilt host treetop conference with "Sky's the limit" message

Vanderbilt recently met with Solar Denmark, an ASPIRE program Gold partner, for a full day of strategy, product news, and road mapping for the year ahead.

In recognition of the year-on-year growth resulting from Solar Denmark and Vanderbilt’s relationship, the theme of this year’s meeting was “Sky’s the limit”. As well as this theme, the aim of the get-together was also to find ways to take cooperation between both companies to “new heights”.

As such, the Vanderbilt Danish Team hosted the event in treetop conference facilities elevated six meters from the ground to reflect this intent.

Some results from the day include the agreement to stock and push Vanderbilt ACTpro hardware and ACTEnterprise software to be more competitive against bigger system integrators in the market.