11 Apr 2018

Industry Bytes: Developing the SPC Connect ecosystem

One of the main advantages of Software-as-a-Service solutions is interconnectivity. The cloud allows us to work in a completely different way than was possible before. In the past, an installer would have to get in their van and make a site visit to investigate any complaints or issues from their customer. Now, this can all be done remotely through SaaS-solutions like Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect. So, that entire service interaction has changed quite dramatically.

Vanderbilt wants to continue that evolution. Customers now expect very high levels of service from installers. SaaS-solutions are the perfect enabler to achieve this. With SPC Connect, Vanderbilt is delivering an ecosystem that will allow installers to have a better communication environment with their customers. SPC Connect brings installers closer to their customers by creating a platform where they can communicate more freely with each other. This ability to have more open communication between installer and end user, in a secure mechanism such as SPC Connect, will have a significant impact on increasing the level of service for all parties.