15 Oct 2018

Vanderbilt back open platforms & integrations model

In 2018, integration is a priority for most security system installers and users. At Vanderbilt, we put high stock in being agile, adaptable, and dependable, and we’ve always been an advocate of open platforms and integrations. We understand the issues our customers' face, and our solutions are designed to meet these needs. As a result, we’ve been placing significant focus on technology partnerships that enhance Vanderbilt’s functionality and reach in the market.

For instance, SPC has a very in-depth integration with partners such as Milestone. This improves the overall security of the SPC system, as well as allowing us to use VMS partners to provide customers with the solutions that they require. Within the Milestone integration, we’ve tried to create something that will leverage the best of both brands, and we continue to work with Milestone and our customers to enhance this overall operation.

We’ve also been integrating with some partners to provide better home automation and industrial solutions that have acquired a lot of interest from the market. We see more and more drive for unified solutions, especially whereby there can be a separation of the security system and the home automation system. This allows people to use the home automation system they want securely. By working with key partners, we can provide the best overall solution for our customers, and we continue to explore these opportunities and interests to give the most exciting innovations possible.

Of course, our products also interface from within, and we’re excited about the upcoming SPC-ACT Enterprise integration. Here, we will see a unified access control and intrusion detection system with features such as graphical maps interface being made available. This will provide installation companies with a platform that will be dispatched to customers efficiently, providing an overview of their entire access and intrusion systems all from one screen.