20 Aug 2018

Get to know Team Vanderbilt: Giovanni Rizzo

In this segment, "Get to know Team Vanderbilt", we shine the spotlight on our employees that are on the ground each week bringing our solutions in access control, intrusion detection, and video management to our customers. Here, our Sales Manager Giovanni Rizzo in Italy, tells us what motivates him, how he defines success, and what sporting event he would most like to attend in the world. Enjoy getting to know Giovanni!

Q1. Describe/outline your typical day?

The beauty of my days is that they are never the same. Most of my time is dedicated to customers, with visits and understanding what their needs are. I like thinking and providing solutions with our products.

Q2. What is your favorite aspect of being in the Security business?

I grew up professionally in this sector, I started in 2000 and I had the chance to cover more roles from technical, to Product Manager, and today in Sales.

Q3. What has been your most satisfying moment with Vanderbilt?

It was when our CEO Joe Grillo, a few days after the Siemens’ security product line acquisition, wanted to spend a day visiting the offices in Italy and meeting each one of us. I really enjoyed this.

Q4. In one word, characterize your life in the Security business?


Q5. What motivates you?

Customer satisfaction. When they recognize good service and product reliability, it is a success.

Q6. How can you prevent mistakes or do damage control?

I am convinced that good planning of activities, and communication and collaboration with colleagues can avoid or control errors.

Q7. How long do you stick with an idea before giving up?

Until I reached my goal. Otherwise I did not do all that was possible.

Q8. How do you define success?

Being professional, achieving the set objectives satisfactorily and without compromises. In my personal life, success is having a purpose that makes you live well and happy.

Q9. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

I dedicate free time to my friends, family, and the people I love. 

Q10. What makes you happy?

Seeing my family happy, especially my daughter.

Q11. What sporting event would you most like to attend in the world?

The Champions League final with Juventus playing in it.