8 May 2018

How do privacy issues and GDPR impact physical security systems?

Vanderbilt recently contributed to Source Security's discussion on GDPR, where the publication asked: How do privacy issues and regulations, such as GDPR, impact physical security systems and how they are managed?

While GDPR is being implemented in the EU, U.S.-based companies can also learn a lot from the regulations being enforced in the realm of data privacy. Additionally, it is critically important for U.S. companies to be able to adhere to the rules guiding how data is collected and shared about EU citizens. When a company implements a physical security system such as access control, a lot of personal information is collected and analyzed for various purposes. While the majority of the data being shared is controlled by the company using the system, there are some elements that can come back to the integrator or even the manufacturer, like in the case of the organisation implementing a managed cloud-based solution. Therefore, manufacturers need to be mindful of their product's capabilities and make it easy and streamlined for end-user companies to adhere to the data sharing and privacy regulations in place.
Kim Loy, Director of Technology & Communications at Vanderbilt.