19 Sep 2018

Essen countdown: ACT365

Vanderbilt's ACT365 is a complete cloud-based access control and video management solution. The spearhead of ACT365's benefits is that it is hosted in the Cloud and therefore delivers remote access and instant management to protect your premises. Access control and video management are key security systems. ACT365 creates a complete system, providing a force that gives business owners far greater visibility and control of their property.

Why does it matter?

A traditional security system can only be accessed from a PC in a security office, or when a laptop is plugged into a controller, or a monitor into a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to retrieve essential data. This is at best a reactive approach to security management and usually culminates in important events being missed and the same security breaches happening time and time again. With Vanderbilt's ACT365, a business owner or security manager can access the system 365 days a year from any device, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. This makes management intuitive and straightforward.

Moreover, as ACT365 hardware is connected directly to the IP network, and no software needs to be installed as you effectively outsource hosting, it helps save both time and money and ensures that the IT headaches of creating backups, VPN’s, and port forwarding are things of the past.

How does it work?

If there is somebody at your site entrance, you can verify the person and open the door with a click of a button - all from your smartphone. Consider this, say an incident occurs at a door, as they often do, and the cash office is broken into. ACT365 allows you to simply click on the access control event “Door Forced” to locate and review recorded footage of the incident occurring whether you are in, or out of the office. Without ACT365, the existing alternatives involve being on site, trying to match up times on disparate security systems and sifting through reams of footage to locate the incident.

Another example of ACT365's firepower can be seen at gyms or other types of membership clubs. For instance, if gym members are passing their access fobs to friends who are not members, with ACT365, you can quickly match up access control events with relevant camera footage and email the clips to those members who are allowing their fobs to be misused. This is an effective way of ensuring the practice does not continue.

*Security Essen takes place between September 25 - 28. Visit Vanderbilt at Stand number 6D90.