28 Nov 2018

New Vanderbilt webshop to be rolled out in December

Representing thousands of products, Vanderbilt's new online shop will be a practical solution that seamlessly connects existing customers with the ability to browse and purchase content on a moment’s notice.

At a glance – what is happening to SPIAP and the website?

  • After seven years, SPIAP will finally be closing. Its replacement is in the form of a brand new webshop accessed via our website 
  • All existing SPIAP URLs are going to be re-directed to the new webshop, so please don’t be alarmed when you land on the new platform! 
  • Phase one of the new webshop offers the same functionality as SPIAP, with a simplified, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use (much like a B2C experience on Amazon or eBay). 

Why a new webshop?

  • We want our customers’ journey to be a positive brand experience and have used this opportunity to develop a new online platform to simplify buying and support encounters 
  • We have considered all customer feedback from over the years and compiled a strategic list of key elements that contribute to good digital customer experience, including adding value, interaction, convenience, and customization 

What is the launch timeframe for the new webshop?

The project has been ongoing throughout 2018, and as it nears completion the target launch dates for each Vanderbilt sales region by the end of the year.

What training will be available?

A compact marketing plan is in place to support your transition at short notice. These include how-to videos to assist with any questions that may arise. These will be published on the Vanderbilt YouTube channel soon. Subscribe here to get these as they go live. These will include:

  • How do I register/get my account activated for the new webshop?
  • How do I place an Order?
  • How can I see my past orders and re-order them?
  • Where can I find product announcements now?
  • How can I download my Price List?

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