27 Aug 2018

Product Spotlight: bright blue® and lite blue®

Smart has a color, and for Vanderbilt, you've probably noticed that color is blue. From the website to the logo to the various designs, shades ranging from light to dark blue draw your attention and symbolize intelligence and stability. And the same goes for Vanderbilt's product names: bright blue® and lite blue® access management systems stand out amongst the variety of security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

But there's much more to these systems than just a color. bright blue and lite blue provide Web-based access control and are designed with embedded intelligence, meaning that they do not require special software or a dedicated PC to function. Any computer running a standard Web browser can be used to access, monitor and manage the systems. Their user-friendly flexibility means that anyone can use them, making access control a simple part of your busy life.

Perfect for most small to medium-sized applications, bright blue lets users manage up to 32 doors and 5,000 cardholders with ease. Facilities such as medical and dental offices, K-12 schools, houses of worship and retailers can take advantage of the system's door status monitoring, lockdown capabilities and more. For example, Waste Management Recycle America and the East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association utilize bright blue for enhanced safety and responsiveness.

With lite blue, great things come in small packages. It provides support for anywhere from 1 to 8 doors and 5,000 cardholders and boasts the same easy to-use software as bright blue. Containing nearly all of the same features as bright blue, lite blue is easily upgradeable to a full bright blue system if the need for expansion arises.

Both systems were designed to be easy to install and easy to use. Using hardware wizards, bright blue and lite bluewere designed to make configuration hassle-free, and users can add new doors and cardholders to the system at any time.

Three levels of operator permissions allow the administrator to control who has access to specific tasks within the application. Additionally, their Linux operating system offers greater stability and security from external threats. And email event notifications, remote access and system back-up ensure no incident is missed and allow immediate action from any location at any time.

When you think blue, think powerful, affordable and simplified. bright blue and lite blue access control systems ensure that you're always in control.