18 Jun 2018

Vanderbilt Behind the Scenes: Featuring Bill Nussman, Training Manager

At the core of any enterprise organization stands arguably the most important and influential element to its overall success: the employees. Their dedication both publicly and behind closed doors contributes significantly to the company's image and brand, demanding unwavering commitment and a common goal of continuously working toward improvement.

At Vanderbilt, we believe all of our employees express this heightened level of effort each and every day, and they deserve to be in the spotlight for their contributions. Every member carries a personal and professional story that motivates them in a unique way and adds another piece to the puzzle that is Vanderbilt.

A perfect example of a diligent and enthusiastic employee is Vanderbilt's Training Manager Bill Nussman. Having been with the company for 16 years, his experience and expertise have allowed him to spend his days educating other employees, end users and dealers on how to use Vanderbilt's range of products. Nussman enjoys teaching others something new, and he feels that the better Vanderbilt's staff and customers understand the products, the more successful the company will be.

He said that while access control functionality in the industry is quite similar across the board, learning the individual capabilities and best practices related to the operation of particular nuances of a system can only be accomplished with proper training. Training also exists as a common tie between the United States and global teams, and Nussman looks forward to working across that line to share information.

Nussman's training takes him around the world, and he loves having the ability to meet new people every week. And as for in the office, he said he's extremely lucky to work for a company where everyone gets along well and the atmosphere is at times more familial than that of just colleagues. When he's not traveling for work, he's content with spending his time as a “glorified couch potato” watching Star Trek while surrounded by family, friends and his dog.

Nussman is a true illustration of a valuable Vanderbilt employee who goes above and beyond to ensure customer comprehension and satisfaction. Thanks for all your hard work, Bill!