13 Aug 2018

How can security manufacturers improve after-sale service?

Vanderbilt's Lynn Wood recently participated in a Source Security round table discussion on the subject of: How can security system manufacturers improve their after-sale service for integrators and end users?

Touching on the matter, Source Security pondered the question, what happens after the sale is complete, after the contracts are all signed and sealed? That’s when an abundance of variables can kick in – variables that can mean the difference between a successful security system or a case of buyer’s remorse. The features and value of equipment involved in a security system are well known before the sale closes, as hopefully are the integrator’s and end-user’s expectations about after-sale service. But what is the reality of after-sale service, and how can manufacturer’s make it better? 

It's all about one thing: great customer service; and it starts from the moment an integrator makes contact with an end user. Manufacturers have a certain obligation to ensure that their integrators are fully equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to craft a solution that not only meets but exceeds the end user’s expectations. This includes providing ongoing support with the end user in mind. Manufacturers should strive to educate both integrators and end users through customer service-centric programs, such as in-person customised training seminars, educational webinars, regular communication on software and firmware updates, and any other pertinent information concerning the systems they have installed. All of these fall under continued “service,” which is critical for nurturing the relationships to ensure a long and successful partnership between all parties.
Lynn Wood, Product Category Manager at Vanderbilt.

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