29 Jun 2021

ComNet launch Razberi Monitor™ software

June 2021, Wiesbaden, Germany. ComNet, a global leader specializing in transmission solutions across fiber optic, copper, Internet, and wireless mediums, announced today the launch of Razberi Monitor™ software.

Razberi Monitor™ is the latest addition to the ComNet product portfolio and the first solution to be rolled out from the recently acquired Razberi brand.

Razberi Monitor™ is a software platform that provides a top-down view of the physical security network and ecosystem without IT resources. It monitors and manages all the system components for both cybersecurity and system health, and can be deployed from the cloud or on-premise.

Iain Deuchars is General Manager of ComNet International. Commenting on the launch of the product, Deuchars says:

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“This software has been purpose-built for security professionals. It provides secure visibility into the availability, performance, and cyber posture of servers, storage, cameras, and other networked security devices. Not only that, but it predicts and prevents problems while providing a centralized location for IT departments to view video data.”

A vital benefit of the solution is that it protects against the multiple commonly cited cyberattack vulnerabilities. These include weak passwords, the failure to update software or firmware, the lack of best practices for routine maintenance, and not aligning with network IT policy.

Deuchars weighs in further: “The benefit of having Razberi Monitor™ ensures shorter response times to cybersecurity events along with real-time alerts and logs to proactively notify users of active threats. The fact that it can detect cyber posture and problems with servers, cameras, and other IoT devices in real-time is a promising unique selling point for the ComNet brand. We are very excited to deliver this product to our loyal customer base.”

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Mike Issa, ComNet’s Region Manager for South Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, points out that Razberi Monitor™ can be offered to enterprises as a managed service with a monthly subscription. This means no significant upfront costs and the ability to free up cash flow.

Issa continues: “The addition of Razberi to the ComNet portfolio is a great step forward for us as a brand. This software will optimize and secures networks, reducing costs, time, and manpower required to install and manage an enterprise network.

“Moving forward, I am confident that Razberi will provide a unique selling point for integrators and end customers wishing to protect their security systems with cybersecurity solutions that can deter, detect, delay, deny and defend against hackers,” Issa concludes.