13 Mar 2017

Puntos Seguridad: Vanderbilt solutions, in the Italian banking consortium Cooperative Credit

Vanderbilt, a provider of state-of-the-art security systems, has announced that its technology is being installed in the consortium of Italian banks Cooperativa Cooperativo (BCC). The Banca di Cesena and GATTEO Cooperative Credit S.Coop Banking work has already begun, benefiting from the specification of Vanderbilt's SPC5000 and SPC6000 control panels, which provide an effective integration of intrusion and access functionality.

BCC offices are located throughout Italy and have served the local communities for the last 134 years. There are 317 non-profit mutual organizations, which cover more than 4,300 branches, working together to ensure a range of products in line with the values and identity of a cooperative. BCCs offer all banking services normally offered by other financial institutions and seek to improve moral, cultural and economic conditions, promote collaboration and teach the benefits of savings and advance planning.

Based in Cesena, Banca di Cesena and Banca di GATTEO The Cooperative Credit S.Coop is the first member of the BCC to start a new security infrastructure, which is being implemented by Smart Security of Gatteo. Andrea Mazzini, Smart Security Solution Bank of Smart Security, commented : " With more than 20 years of experience, we have provided security systems for a wide range of customers and have used Vanderbilt products extensively. We have always found them to be reliable, easy to install and future proof. These qualities mean that they are perfect for BCC. "

The Vanderbilt SPC is a true hybrid intrusion detection system that complies with EN 50131 standards and has unparalleled flexibility and scalability. SPC5000 and SPC6000 control panels are installed in each of the branches, and can be expanded to specific customer and project needs with up to 128 zones, 128 outputs, 16 system keyboards, 16 doors and eight verification zones. SPC6000 extends this functionality with up to 512 zones, 512 outputs, 32 system keyboards, 64 ports and 16 check zones.

The control panels are being fully integrated with Vanderbilt's pioneering SPC Connect system, a cloud-based solution that enables Smart Security to monitor, manage and control SPC control panels remotely from any location. When logging in, installers can access through a laptop or desktop connected to the Internet, as well as mobile devices. SPC Connect offers the ability to customize data visualization by configuring a function that allows Smart Security to manage and control the access rights to individual panels and panel groups. This means that tasks such as configuration management, troubleshooting and regular maintenance can be carried out remotely,

Valerio Vittone, Director of Vanderbilt for Italy, concluded: " I am delighted that our state-of-the-art solutions are being installed at BCC. The high-end operability we offer means that the entire system can be managed, monitored and maintained centrally by Smart Security. In addition to ensuring maximum security for all bank branches, this approach is incredibly cost-effective. "