4 Sep 2017

Providing security solutions you can bank on

Banks need constant protection. Vanderbilt has a range of products across access control, intrusion detection, and video management including layers of automated security to protect these financial institutions.

For example, if the manager arrives early, he uses his card to gain access to the branch office and PIN to disarm the alarm. His code disarms the office and secure area but the ATMs, vaults, and safe deposit boxes remain armed. 

A CENTRAL MONITORING station is alerted to the early entry. They need to know whether the entry is routine or under duress. The monitoring station views the manager in live video as he executes a predetermined security procedure and until he hits an “all is okay” button.

If there is a problem the manager sends a silent duress alarm rather than the “all is okay” button. The monitoring station listens in and if necessary calls the police.

THIS IS JUST one layer of automated security that Vanderbilt can provide to protect banks and other financial institutions. Watch our short video to find out what other solutions we can provide.