21 Apr 2022

Property Management with ACT365

The emergence of the internet and the cloud has completely changed how people protect their property. It is common now for many premises to manage and monitor from hundreds of miles away. This is an area where ACT365 carries particular depth.

ACT365 has many technology orientated features that make it ideal for property management. For instance, with ACT365, users can manage and monitor their property remotely, as well as grant access to the premise via QR codes, PIN codes, and mobile credentials.

“With ACT365, you’ll gain total visibility for all events and incidents related to your readers. You can even create email or push notifications for specific events from the web app, such as rejected entries, door left open, or low battery,” says Michael Byrden, Access Control Business Development Manager at ACRE International.

ACT365 Property Management

Essentially what remote monitoring boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. Remote monitoring through cloud solutions saves time and money and brings peace of mind. Remote access can be granted via two easy-to-use and efficient means - QR codes or PIN codes.

“Visitors to your property can be sent a QR code to their smartphone, giving them access during a set period,” Byrden explains. “This convenience allows you to create instant access to premises using ACT365 from anywhere in the world. The recipient can then present the QR code to a QR reader during the validity granted access. Similarly, you administer PIN codes to visitors of your property and decide who has access to which doors and when.”