6 Apr 2020

Product Spotlight: SPC Connect 3.0

In February of this year, Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect was upgraded to version 3.0.

This latest version, 3.0, includes an entirely reworked user interface and focuses on more intuitive user operations.

From our Product Management:

This release was designed to be a customer-first experience. The dashboard now contains interactive widgets that allows installers to create customized views, so for example, now you can quickly and clearly see the information you personally want most to execute your daily needs more efficiently.”
Alexander Scheffold, Product Manager, Vanderbilt.

From our Sales Team:

With this new release, typical questions that installers might ask themselves – such as, which SPC firmware versions do my customers have - are now only two or three clicks away. In addition, SPC Connect 3.0 comes with a new installer manual. This approach means the existing static, manual approach will be enhanced with an embedded FAQ functionality. This will allow the installer to find an explanation for a feature, or how to perform a specific action much quicker.
Hervé Houy, Country Manager – France, Vanderbilt.

From our Customers:

SPC is user friendly and modern. The SPC Connect app is by far, much better than other manufacturers. The main benefits of SPC is that it is easy-to-use for both the installer and the system user. I would highly recommend SPC.
Jimmy Kristensson, Security Manager, Br. Axelssons EL.