26 Mar 2020

Product Recap: New firmware for SPC & SPC Connect Pro, plus updates to the ACT365 Portal

March saw several new feature releases and updates to Vanderbilt’s product portfolio.

Let’s recap some of the more significant announcements in recent weeks.

SPC Firmware 3.11.1

The firmware includes minor bug fixes and enhancements. This includes SPCN340 4G modem support:

  • Display the IMSI from the SIM card
  • Display the operator network
  • Network support 4G and fallback to 2G

In addition to the existing Cause & effect feature, the Virtual Zone allows creating customized software-based operations on the panel. It can be used for event transmission, triggered by external systems to a CMS or other management solutions plus various other use cases. This will enhance the usability and flexibility of the SPC system for various use cases. 

SPC Connect Pro 3.11.1

The latest updates will offer support for the new SPC 3.11.1 firmware in addition to enhancing the security of locally stored SPC configuration files on the engineer’s PC. SPC Connect Pro 3.11.1 will also allow for the upgrading of configuration files from V3.6.6 and later.

  • Support for the new SPC firmware release 3.11.1.
  • Option to encrypt SPC Connect Pro configuration files with an additional password.
  • Support for upgrading existing installation with firmware 3.6.6 and later.

ACT365 1.5

The ACT365 Web Portal 1.5 includes a new, enhanced video player. The new Player enhancements include: 

  • Improved performance with loading times for live and recorded video approximately 1-2 seconds.
  • Seamless transition between live and recorded video in one window.
  • New video stream controls and layout.