1 Oct 2020

Product Recap: VCredential launch & QR500 reader added to portfolio

September saw the release of the VCredential cloud-management credential system, as well as the addition of the QR500 reader into Vanderbilt’s access control portfolio.

Let’s recap some of the more significant announcements in recent weeks.

  • VCredential is a cloud-based credential management platform that offers users the ability to create and manage Bluetooth credentials independent of the access control platform. It’s key benefit focuses on intuitive usability and the opportunity to benefit from the latest industry technology trends. Read our press release here.
  • The QR500 reader is a new generation of intelligent access control readers. It has fast scanning speeds, high recognition rates, high compatibility, and, importantly, can be connected to ACT365 Access Control Units. Get more details in our in-depth news article.
  • Vanderbilt’s NGCR range of card readers have successfully passed the FCC and UL certification process. With the support of the certification, Vanderbilt is able to provide peace of mind to system integrators and end-users on the North American market. Read the full product announcement here.
  • We the sales & delivery release of two further TagMaster products that are now available in Vanderbilt’s Access portfolio. Find the complete product details here.

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