7 Apr 2021

Product Recap: Vanderbilt roll out warranty extensions

March saw a flurry of activity in the Vanderbilt product portfolio.

Let’s recap some of the more significant announcements in recent weeks.

  • Vanderbilt recently extended their warranty for ACTproSPC and PDM detectors. The warranty for ACTpro and SPC increases from three to five years. PDM detectors extends to 10 years.
  • ACTpro updated his software to version 2.16. The new release includes several new features and improvements, as well as some minor bug fixes. Most notably in the release is the addition of an email QR code to cardholders.
  • The new SPC Connect Mobile App 1.7.3 for iOS is now available. The new release provides SPC Connect system users with enhancements that will improve the service offering to end customers. The iOS app was released to the Apple App store on 19 March 2021.
  • Eventys cameras, recorders, and accessories have been on Phase-Out status for the last two years. Now, after two years of Technical Support, we will terminate support for this product range as 30 April 2021. We recommend that users of the specified equipment ensure that all necessary passwords etc., are securely stored as access to the password reset facility supported by Vanderbilt Technical Support will also be terminated.