21 Oct 2021

Our Best Selling Webshop Products in the Southern Region

Check out a selection of some of our most recent best-selling webshop products in the Southern region.

SPCE652.100 Expander.8In/2Out,backtamp.

The SPCE652.100 expander extends the SPC system via X-BUS with 8 wired zones and 2 fully programmable relay outputs. The zones and outputs on the expander function exactly as the zones and outputs on the SPC panel. Each zone can be configured for different zone monitoring requirements. The outputs are volt-free relays that provide both NO and NC terminals allowing the greatest flexibility. The expander comes in a plastic housing with front and back tamper protection and features also an X-BUS status LED and onboard buzzer for easy device identification and extensive self-diagnostic capabilities.

SPCK421.100 LCD keypad.2x16 Char,CR

The SPCK421.100 LCD keypad with an integrated card reader provides an iconic interface to control the security system. Its 32-character blue backlight display and keyboard allows control under all lighting conditions. Navigation of the intuitive menu system is achieved using the central navigation key. The keypad features soft keys and alphanumeric keys that allow contextual essential operation and data input directly from the keypad. The card reader enables quick setting/unsetting of areas by using a proximity card only or in combination with a valid user PIN.

MK-4400 Magn. Cont., G2

The MK-4000 magnetic contacts are designed for opening surveillance of windows, doors, and containers. They are mounted on window and door frames of non-magnetic materials. Secondary Packaging: 50 Units.