19 Apr 2021

Omnis 7.0 launches with new hardware portfolio

Wiesbaden, Germany, April 2021 – Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, is pleased to announce the Integrated Security System Omnis 7.0, with built-in intrusion and access control.

Omnis 7.0 includes an entirely new hardware portfolio.

A quick overview of the newest hardware includes E100, E200, and E500 controllers, M5 and M6 keypads, VR10, VR20, VR40, and VR50 readers, Omnis specific PSUs, plus Bluetooth capabilities with VCredential.

“As our customers will see, this is a substantial release,” says Jimi Mattila, Omnis Product Manager at Vanderbilt. “With the increase in security through Grade 3 approvals and the added capabilities of the E100, we offer our customers both intrusion and access control from the very first unit. Omnis 7.0 brings our customers three favorite features from Entro and the capability to connect up to 100 Entro-sites to the Omnis Server. “

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Another major highlight of the release is Omnis’ integration with Milestone’s VMS system. In applications that require video integration, Omnis can now fully integrate the latest Milestone VMS recording solutions into the system, making event-triggered recording and visual confirmation of remotely armed intrusion areas very easy.

Mattila explains the importance of this new addition: “This means Omnis can be connected to Milestone XProtect©Video Management System to give the user a seamless interface for any access control-related needs while maintaining visual contact with the site. Important events at the door, where a motion-based recording would not suffice, can be attained without wasting precious storage capacity on 24/7 recordings.”

The Omnis 7.0 software includes Microsoft 2019 server support, EN50131-1, and SSF grade 3 approval. Impressively, Omnis was one of the first systems with integrated access control and intrusion to achieve this in the marketplace and remains a leader in approved systems to date.

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Alexander Holmström, Global Director of Sales & Marketing, weighs in positively about why the company is so excited to launch Omnis 7.0. Holmström states: “There are many benefits for the installers when it comes to Omnis 7.0. For instance, through Omnis 7.0, installers have the commercial advantage of creating opportunities to gain additional revenue and maintenance contracts off the back of the existing Omnis systems they maintain.

“In addition, by upgrading existing Omnis systems, installers can also re-energize system warranties and maintenance contracts. In showing our dedication to our trusted installer base, we can also provide comprehensive free training to any customers who hold Omnis sites' maintenance contracts. New customers will also have the chance for free site commissioning on their first site install,” Holmström concludes.

Note: The launch of Omnis 7.0 includes an upgrade license agreement (ULA). This means that customers who have a ULA in place can keep their Omnis 7.0 up to date with any future releases for the base license for free during the ULA’s validity period.