10 Jun 2021

Omnis 7 Launched

Vanderbilt Omnis was first released to the market as “RB2010” in the early 90’s, since then the system has been installed in over 150.000 doors around Europe, with a majority in Sweden and Norway.

Over the years it has been renamed to “Bewator 2010”, “Bewator 2010 Omnis” and eventually where we are today with “Vanderbilt Omnis”.

Now, with 25 years of experience in the rear window, Vanderbilt takes the next big step with the launch of Omnis 7!

In April of this year, Vanderbilt released the upgraded software to the market, we hosted a webinar on the day of the launch, which was a huge success with a very big attendance rate. And it is very clear, that the market hungers for more Omnis!

The new release of Omnis 7 brings us:

  • New certifications according to:
  • oSSF1014:5 Larmklass 3 (SE)
  • oEN50131-3 Grade 3
  • oFG Grad 3(NO)
  • oF&P Sikringsniveau 60 (DK)
  • ULA (Upgrade license agreement), witch gives the end user the possibility to secure upgrades for their systems for the upcoming 1, 3 or 5 years.)
  • Full support for our Bluetooth-readers through the VCredential platform
  • “Favourite functions” handpicked from Entro
  • Booking-system through integration to BokaMera web-booking
  • Expanded support for up to 100 Entro-sites to be integrated to Omnis for a smooth transition from Entro to Omnis
  • Compatible with Windows Server 2019
  • Base license is now expanded with 500 extra drawings (total of 1000) and 300 active connections (now 500)
  • Full support for all our new hardware
  • New power supply units in multiple sizes
  • New keypads

Do you wish to know more or get Omnis 7 presented to you and your colleagues? Contact me and I will happily set up a meeting!

Tobias Olofsson, Project Sales Manager Nordics