30 Aug 2019

VOTE! Two Vanderbilt Products Nominated for PSI Premier Awards

Vanderbilt has been shortlisted twice for this year’s PSI Premier Awards. The UK publication has nominated the company for our SPC intrusion detection system and our ACT Enterprise access control software.

SPC has been nominated in the Intruder Product of the Year award, while ACT Enterprise represents our interests in the Access Control Product of the Year category.

The products were nominated over the last two months as PSI magazine asked their readers what technologies they have installed or read about in the last year that has given them the best results. Features, benefits, ease of installation, and best service were all factors that had to be taken into consideration, so these nominations are a huge testament to SPC’s and ACT Enterprise’s capabilities.

SPC Intrusion Detection System

SPC is an intrusion detection platform that delivers a modern, powerful security system for your customers’ needs. SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets. It is an intrusion detection system that offers versatile and comprehensive alarm management functionality. Through the use of cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, SPC is at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.

ACT Enterprise Access Control Software

ACT Enterprise’s latest additions include a smartphone app, a rules mapping engine, integration with SPC and with wireless locks, and PoE Ultra controllers. At its core, ACT Enterprise is scalable from a single door to thousands, and is easy to install and easy to use.