10 Sep 2019

Missed our Monthly Newsletter? Here are the main takeaways

The latest edition of our monthly customer newsletter dropped on Thursday, 5 September.

Missed it in your inbox or not signed up to our mailing list yet? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Here are the main takeaways we dropped in our latest newsletter dispatch.

  1. SiPass® integrated 2.76 is now available. The 2.76 release bundle includes support for the Aperio® wireless locks, integration of the TBS biometric system, plus much, much more. Read all of the new release's benefits here.
  2. The ACT365 Portal has been updated to version 1.2.6. This update includes performance enhancements, a new advanced log events report, and changes to mobile web browsing on the Portal. Read about the full updates here.
  3. New Time Zones added to ACT365. Due to the growth ACT365, we have identified a limitation and consequently, we have increased the number of time zones within ACT365. Vanderbilt strongly recommend that all ACT365 ACU’s should be updated to the latest firmware version 1.01.34. The latest firmware can be accessed directed from the ACT365 portal. For more information, including instructions on how to update to the latest version, read the full document here.
  4. Omnis and Milestone integration is now available. An integration between Omnis and Milestone is now available. In short, the integration enables control and video verification of the Omnis system via the Milestone Smart Client. This means the Milestone UI is used and Omnis is the subordinated system. Check out the full document here.
  5. Read our take on the rise of cloud-based services and solutions. Download our white paper to see how companies are no longer just selling systems, they’re providing a service thanks to Recurring-Monthly-Revenue products like SPC Connect and ACT365. Download your copy now.

Our next newsletter drops on Thursday, 3 October 2019.

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