13 Mar 2020

Missed our March Newsletter? Here are the Key Takeaways

Our March newsletter was dispatched last week to our customer base.

In case you missed it in your inbox, or have yet to subscribe to our mailing list, here are some of the main topics communicated in our monthly news blast.

  • The latest version of ACT Enterprise contains many improvements such as deadbolt monitoring. You can find the complete list of new features here. To download the latest version of ACT Enterprise, please visit our webshop. Thank you for your continued support of Vanderbilt. We hope you enjoy the new software release!
  • A new update has been made to our webshop. When a minimum order of €100 is not reached in an order, a new message will show and the order cannot be completed until the value of the order is increased. This will reduce phone calls to CS and the unnecessary intervention on their part to explain why orders have not been processed.
  • A new case study has been published to the Resouces>Case Studies section of our website. This case study promotes a recent Oliver Law Security Ltd (OLS) installation of ACT365 for one of Doncaster’s biggest gyms.

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