12 Feb 2020

Missed our February Newsletter? Here are the Key Takeaways

Our February newsletter went out to our customer base last Thursday, 6 February. 

In case you missed it in your inbox, or have yet to subscribe to our mailing list, here are some of the main topics communicated in our monthly news blast.

SPC Connect 3.0 goes live

On the same day that our newsletter was published, we also released the latest version of SPC Connect. This newest release, 3.0, delivers an entirely reworked user interface and focuses on more intuitive user operations. It allows installers to get a faster overview of the installed SPC base. Through our research, we have learned from our customer-base that greater visibility of their installed SPC systems is a priority for them. So now, through this release, collected information is now visible to the installer and enables them to have an overview of the installed SPC systems out in the field. A new centralized operations menu allows the user to more intuitively navigate a specific operation much quicker. 

ACT Enterprise 2.11 is released

The latest version of the award-winning access control software has also been updated. Improvements to ACT Enterprise include new features such as deadbolt monitoring. With deadbolt monitoring, the system can be configured so that deadbolts are withdrawn on an access/exit granted event and are optionally held for a specified time zone. Deadbolt position can be monitored, and OP2/OP3 used to trigger, for example, an alarm if the door is held ajar(left open), or the deadbolt is unexpectedly unsecured.

Training schedule for 2020 is published

The Vanderbilt training team has developed a new training concept for 2020 to be able to offer more effective SPC training. The training content has been revised. More practical exercises are provided, and the focus is on handling and programming the SPC. This reduces the time we need for a course. This means that in 2020 we will offer topics for a one-day course for SPC Basis and SPC Advanced. These two courses can be taken separately or in succession. On the one hand, we want to give you the necessary knowledge in a shorter time and in the second step go through further topics. You can find all the training dates on our homepage. Here you can call-up all appointments and also register. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses. In addition, we will provide various training topics on our online learning platform. We are happy to answer your questions.

New Case Study on ACT365 in action

We also highlighted a new case study we recently published in conjunction with Oliver Law Security Ltd (OLS). The case study focuses on an installation of ACT365 that OLS did for Mentholatum Co Ltd, a company that specializes in family healthcare producing the UK’s number one selling pain relief heat and freeze brands. 

Download our ACT Overview brochure

We also recently created a brochure that gives an excellent and easy-to-use breakdown of Vanderbilt’s ACT products, ACT Enterprise and ACT365. The brochure includes information benefits of the ACT products, desktop applications, overviews of the smartphone apps, as well as suitable card readers and credentials.

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