11 May 2020

New Webshop Feature: Stock Availability

A new feature has been added to the Vanderbilt webshop this past week.

Aimed at improving the overall user experience for customers, this now feature now makes it possible to show up-to-date stock availability issues to customers on the webshop before they submit an order.

In the past, customers would place an order without being aware of stock levels and stock availability. As such, having placed an order, customers might then find out from Customer Services that stock was not available, or only partly available, for the order they had just requested.

Thanks to this new and improved feature on the webshop, customers will now see, via message banners, if there is stock limitation for their desired products. Additionally, if stock issues do exist, Customer Service will provide an updated delivery plan for the completed order.

This new feature addresses availability and transparency and is aimed at avoiding customer disappointment if they have placed orders expecting full deliveries when some we may be out of stock.

Overall, this new feature aims to tackle and improve user experience for customers.