22 Sep 2019

Successful start for Vanderbilt new Webshop platform

The new Vanderbilt webshop is officially live with almost four months now and has already proved to have been a positive investment for the company. To learn more about the online shopping platform’s early performance, we spoke to head of the company’s Marketing Communications team, Ross Wilks.

As Wilks explained: “The launch of our new webshop has been a great success story to date. Since we first began to roll-out the new platform in March, our orders have nearly doubled month-by-month. We’re also seeing traction through the new webshop in new markets, which is also exciting and points to various ways we can use this webshop to not only benefit our customers, but also expand and cement new business overall.

“A large part of this successful transition to our new online platform has been down to our Customer Service teams. These teams, across our European offices and beyond, have been a vital cog in the wheel since our full-time move from our old platform. Not only have they been managing all of our new and existing registrations to the shop, they have also been key advocates in encouraging our customers to sign-up and trial our new and responsive store,” Wilks emphasises.

New webshop updates are listed in our monthly Customer Newsletter.

Security Products Online: Creating a Positive Brand Experience

The new Vanderbilt webshop can be accessed via the main company website, www.vanderbiltindustries.com. The shop represents thousands of products and seamlessly connects existing customers with the ability to browse and purchase content on a moment’s notice. Specially designed with user experience in mind, the store operates from an intuitive user interface.

Wilks concludes: “Based on our core values as a company, we wanted the Vanderbilt webshop to create a positive brand experience, with a simplified, intuitive interface that made it easy to navigate and use, much like a B2C experience you would find on such sites as Amazon or eBay today. To achieve this, we are pro-actively developing the new platform, listening to customer feedback, and enhancing where possible to ensure that we deliver on our commitment. So far, all customer feedback would appear to indicate that we have headed in the right direction in achieving this user experience target."

A number of How-to videos have been created to help you navigate the new webshop. These videos include instructions on how to place and order and how to find support. Check out the videos by clicking on this link.

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