15 Jul 2016

New Data Management Systems Focus on User Experience

There are always challenges to overcome as businesses and universities grow, expand, and move into the future. Keeping up with technology is one of these obstacles. The issue becomes much more complex when a large structure or organization already has an existing system in place that is now dated and increasingly unreliable. As risks evolve and the need for security solutions increases, so also does the growing and evolving need of the end user.

Simply upgrading to a new system is not always the easiest or most beneficial solution. Adaptation and interoperability are key components for security directors to consider when exploring the move to a more centralized and interconnected program. To maximize efficiency and usability, a customized and flexible system must be established that does not dictate the capabilities of the user, but rather adapts to establish a program that integrates cohesively to streamline access control and response.

One area of the industry that has seen tremendous improvements is data management. With evolving custom-configurable platforms, the margin of error can be all but eliminated. Vanderbilt VI Connect was created to address that shift in the way that information is shared across disparate and aging programs on a daily basis. By developing a custom integration to uniquely address business needs, an efficient automated business workflow can be established to process and manipulate data.

There is no longer a need for manual updates and intricate processes of importing and exporting data that can lead to costly errors and wasted resources. VI Connect offers a reduction in system administrator workloads with an increase in safety and compliance. The most successful Security Management Systems (SMS) are ones that are scalable and able to grow with the changing needs of the customer.

Today’s enterprise organizations, law enforcement entities and university campuses utilize this technology to help streamline their operations, and allow users the flexibility and scalability that they have come to rely on when working with Vanderbilt.

Customers have spoken and Vanderbilt has listened. Single-software platforms that can be adapted for interoperability with multiple and existing systems is a real focus for Vanderbilt and the industry as a whole. By mixing innovation with simplicity, systems such as VI Connect enable users to reach new areas in security management with ease and advanced operational management and control.