30 May 2018

Mission-Critical IT Firm Turns to Cloud-Based Access & Video Platform

Spectrum Virtual specializes in mission-critical environments, providing virtual CIO services, managed cloud services, disaster recovery, cyber security and business continuity solutions to enterprises, healthcare providers, local governments and educational establishments that need the most demanding performance and security requirements.

As a company with extensive experience in cloud-based solutions, an environment like this requires a robust and secure access control solution that provides the best possible situational awareness and protection from threats. When it comes to physical security systems, Spectrum works closely with integrator American Total Protection (ATP), which provides clients with planning, installing and implementing facility security systems and services.

The company’s on-site server room is equipped with a camera-integrated access system. The video is easily paired with an access transaction, resulting in a more complete record of any incident or event. Photo courtesy of Vanderbilt

Until recently, Spectrum relied on a popular cloud-based product to provide its access control solution. However, the company was interested in exploring new technology offerings alongside ATP, who introduced the Spectrum team to the Vanderbilt ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management solution in order to help expand the company’s capabilities for remote control of ingress and egress points.