16 Jan 2019

Manufacturer Relationships: How Integrations Contribute to Success

The security industry at its core is about relationships, which are typically broken down into three pairings: a manufacturer and integrator, a manufacturer/integrator and end user, and between two manufacturers. From Vanderbilt's perspective, we talked last year about the importance of customer service with end users and why working hand-in-hand with integration partners is critical.

Now, we're rounding out the trio and taking a look at the final element of manufacturer relationships and their significance. Almost every week we hear about a new technology integration between two security companies, and that's for good reason: this kind of partnership creates the ability for organizations to deliver an elevated level of value to customers at any point in their security system implementation.

By leveraging insight and intelligence from multiple minds working together toward a common goal, alliances between manufacturers provide enhanced opportunities, service and safety for businesses in various markets. And with an industry that's ripe with product innovations and cutting-edge technologies, combining different systems into one cohesive platform provides a solution that can meet a variety of needs.

Vanderbilt is fortunate to have developed many manufacturer relationships and technology collaborations over the years, allowing us to achieve one of our most important goals: service to the customer. Seamless integrations with leading platforms enable our joint customer bases to face today's most prominent security threats with greater control and flexibility.

For example, our recent integration with Allegion expands the reach of Vanderbilt's Security Management System (SMS) to secondary doors through Allegion's Von Duprin Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) options in a variety of markets, including enterprise, K-12 and university facilities. Users can now remotely monitor and lock down secondary perimeter doors with the touch of a button in the event of an emergency.

This convergence of technologies takes the need for access control in today's enterprises and closes a gap that many organizations face with regard to lockdown protection throughout the entire facility. The collaboration demonstrates the ability of technology partnerships to offer customers the tools and support they need to ensure higher levels of situational awareness.

The benefits generated from manufacturer partnerships can also manifest in different fashions alongside the security component, as evidenced by our valued relationship with ComNet. ComNet, who specializes in fiber optic, copper and wireless transmission products, and Vanderbilt worked together last year to act as part of a security and communication solution between a toll booth and plaza located on the M1 between Dublin and Belfast.

The relevance and influence of relationships around this industry cannot be stressed enough, and we're greatly appreciative of each and every one of our manufacturer, integrator and end user partners. Thank you for helping us safeguard today's organizations and we're looking forward to exciting partnership developments in 2019!