2 Jul 2021

Vanderbilt Industries Announces Major Update for ACTpro

Vanderbilt Industries launches the highly anticipated ACTpro 3.1 update in commitment to providing ongoing customer satisfaction.

Dublin, Ireland, 2 July 2021 – Vanderbilt Industries, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems today, announced the launch of the newest version of its access control system, ACTpro 3.1. This update introduces key features representing Vanderbilt’s commitment to providing customers with a robust, scalable, and comprehensive access control platform.

ACTpro is a network-based access control system that benefits from multiple integration scenarios with video management and workforce management applications to address the needs of typical access control and security situations. The role-based software suite streamlines the installation, management, and monitoring of the ACTpro access control system.

“The integration of ACTpro 3.1 with NetworkOptix delivers ease of management to our customers,” said Michael Moyna, Senior Product Manager at Vanderbilt International.“The combination of these powerful technologies ultimately removes the need for control room operators to use two separate software platforms for visually verifying access control events. Instead, operators can conveniently view live streams or recorded video associated with a door directly in ACTpro.” 

Included in this update are features like the support of custom card format, integration with NetworkOptix, and more. ACTpro 3.1 will also support custom Wiegand card formats that can be sent to individual controllers. This allows the customer to have different credential Wiegand formats at a single door and integration with NetworkOptix to give operators the ability to instantly visually verify access control activity and video events directly from ACTpro.

“Vanderbilt strives to deliver systems that are easy to service and deploy and ACTpro is designed to ease the complexities often found with the installation, management, and monitoring of access control infrastructure,” said Michael Byrden, Business Development Manager for Access Control at Vanderbilt International. “Integration partners gain the convenience, control, and security that simplifies managing the system while adding operational efficiency and complete situational awareness for end-users. With this new addition to our portfolio, Vanderbilt continues to be the preferred access control management provider for our customers across the globe.”

ACTPro 3.1 is available now for Vanderbilt customers.