31 Mar 2015

Looking Ahead: The Future of Vanderbilt

Access control technology is in the midst of a boom, with a recent MarketsandMarkets report revealing that the global industry likely will be worth $10.4 billion by 2020. From our perspective, this means more opportunities to serve end users with easy-to-use, flexible and highly scalable access control systems.

Across the industry, several factors are contributing to a bright future for access control and its companion systems. Here are some of the drivers that are behind this steady growth:

  • Emerging, increasingly diverse threats. Organizations of all kinds, from retail warehouses to colleges and corporate campuses, face a wide range of threats, including crime and vandalism, workplace violence and even terrorism. Now more than ever, access control technology is a must-have to protect facilities, assets and employees.
  • Increased integration with other systems. Today’s manufacturers are increasingly focused on open, flexible solutions that can easily integrate with other, compatible systems, such as video surveillance. As more organizations seek out comprehensive security solutions, the growth of access control continues to accelerate with them.
  • Advanced capabilities and innovations. Access control technology can now be very finely-tuned to suit each facility’s unique needs. For example, access privileges can be set for individual buildings or even rooms, and then changed according to the time or day. An end user can be quickly added, and then automatically deleted if he or she leaves the company. These types of advanced capabilities help ensure that the highest level of security is maintained at all times.

At Vanderbilt, we’re excited about this steady growth and increased interest in access control. Throughout 2015 and beyond, we’ll continue to share new innovations and exciting developments with our end users and technology partners. We’ll look for new ways to provide the highest level of security to our customers, with improved ease of use and accessibility. And we’ll keep working to grow our extensive global dealer network to serve end users even better.

We hope you’ll visit our blog regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest at Vanderbilt Industries. We’re excited about the year ahead, and we look forward to sharing our success with you.