1 Oct 2020

ComNet Products: Training Review

The Vanderbilt Learning Management System (LMS) is a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date with the latest Vanderbilt technology.

The platform offers multiple training courses and videos that can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

This free learning solution is aimed at delivering convenience to the Vanderbilt customer by enabling them to learning the latest tips and information at the click of a button.

ComNet Product Overview

This LMS training video gives a detailed overview of ComNet’s extensive product portfolio. Led by Iain Deuchars, General Manager at ComNet International, the training video covers:

  • Hardened Ethernet
  • Commercial Ethernet
  • Extended Ethernet
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Optical Interfaces
  • Power Systems

Other highlights of this training video include:

ComNet Product Brochure

Extended Ethernet