8 Feb 2021

Vanderbilt launches new Kit List Builder Tool

Wiesbaden, Germany, February 2021 – Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, announced todaythe launch of its new ACT Kit List Builder tool.

This tool with a few simple clicks helps you design the security system which you need, producing a kit list and all assets such as brochures that you might use when putting together a proposal.

Andrew Fulton is Strategic Business Development Director at Vanderbilt. Commenting on the launch of the ACT Kit List Builder tool, Fulton states:

“The platform is straightforward to use and only takes seven steps to design a security system that fits their needs. We believe this tool is a top-class service and it has been created to make life as simple as possible for our customers.” 

To use the tool, customers are invited to input specific details about their project. These details include the type of system, the card or credential technology preference, the different controller and power options, the on-page technical overviews for simple choice-making, and additional technology options such as wireless, biometric, and QR offerings.

The fast and easy process can be completed in minutes and delivers a calculated kit list that includes everything needed for the project. This covers links to technical documents and the option to download additional assets, such as images.

Fulton explains how customer-friendly the tool is: “Once the kit list has been produced, there is the option to purchase directly from the Vanderbilt webshop,* or export it to a PDF or CSV file format. They will also receive a copy via email to save for ordering later or get a wholesaler quotation.

“This tool isn’t just ideal for the security businesses. The system is ideal for an end-user, specifier, or consultant looking to create a bespoke access control solution for a wide range of projects. Best of all, it is free to use, and in just a few clicks, users can produce a full kit list to buy or quote online,” he says.

Overall, the Vanderbilt Kit Builder offers a fast and straightforward way to select every detail about a project, including reader technologies, power supplies requirements, numbers of users, and much more.

Check out the tool now at www.vanderbiltindustries.com/kit-list-builder.

*Note: A Vanderbilt webshop account is required to complete this step.