23 Mar 2017

Investing In A More Knowledgeable Workforce

Plug and play is great, but companies that want to get the most out of their security system will gain more by bringing in an installer who knows the product inside out. More and more are now emphasizing the importance of training to secure their business in the best possible way.

Holger Müller is the new training administrator for Vanderbilt in the Nordic region and explains why this subject is of immediate interest. “The same product can lead to a standard solution just as easily as it can be tailored to the security risks in the customer’s business. It all depends on how well the installer and client know the products and system.” Vanderbilt is therefore currently investing heavily in this area, with the aim of having the best trained installers and suppliers the market can offer.

Introducing the Vanderbilt Training Academy

Vanderbilt Training Academy is the name of the training initiative introduced at the start of the year. The pilot areas are the Nordic region and United Kingdom, and the aim is global investment. Vanderbilt Academy offers a wide range of courses, from longer training programs to one-day courses.

And these aren’t just about technology. Design courses, sales courses, and tailored training programs also feature on the timetable. If necessary, training programs can be created to suit a specific store concept. Training will also be offered to end customers, who are the actual users of the security system.

The Customer in Focus

Holger Müller refers to the investment as ‘the highest priority for customer satisfaction’. He explains: “As a manufacturer, we rarely meet our end user. Instead, someone else, for example an installer, is responsible for this meeting. It can be frustrating not to have any greater impact on the interaction. If we can ensure the installer delivers the best results, we maximize our chances of a positive meeting,” says Holger. “A qualified installer is also more time-efficient. Which will save time and money for both the installer and the customer.”

The Vanderbilt Training Academy was launched in December 2016.